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Mocha's first vet visit

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So I took Mocha to her first vet visit today. Overall it went well, she wasn't to excited about shots she whined a little but she was fine afterwards. When we came hone she was active and her usual self but now (2) hours later she's acting sad and a little scared. Very very quiet. Is this normal behavior after first vet visit? I'm so sad and heart broken right now I just want yo know that she's ok and will be back to normal Mocha as soon as possible.

Please some advice
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It maybe the effect of the vaccinations? Sometimes children are a little under the weather after theirs so it may be the same thing? Is she eating and drinking ok? See if she picks up tomorrow if not give the vet a call for advice.
I'm sorry to hear about that :( But my Scarlett was like that after her shots. I asked my vet and he said that some dogs respond like some children do to vaccinations. Scarlett wasn't like that for long, I gave her lots of snuggles and love and she was back to herself in no time. I hope the same is true for your baby!
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@Sezra yes she did eat her dinner and she is drinking but she's moping around and wont come out from under my bed. Hope she better by tomorrow. Thanks for the post
@flowerchild she wont really let me cuddle or hug her she dis let me pet her a little but that's all she walked awayand went back under my bed. I hate seeing her this way.
Give her a day or two and I'm sure she will be back to her normal self. Kody just got his 1st lyme shot and he was not himself for almost 3 days. It broke my heart so I totally understand how you feel.

Hope Mocha gets well soon!!
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@kodysmom thanks for the input. I hope she does get back to her old self soon since shes has been given all the necessary shots and
been cleared to venture outdoors :).
Mocha is back

I am proud to report Mocha is back to her cheerful happy self today......
Delightful news. It really is a worry when they're out of sorts. :)
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rudi has been the same - she spent alot of time in her bed last night so dont worry as today she is as crazy as ever!!! xx
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