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Molly's First Week

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After getting off to a rough start Molly has started to settle into our home. Puppies sure do have lots of energy and love to bite. My girls are actually doing very well at trying to redirect her when she is biting. Molly gets very excited when out in the backyard with our bunny rabbit. We also discovered she loves the swimming pool even though when she comes out she is freezing cold. We are going to get her a life jacket as she has no fear in the pool.

As for night time we moved her from the kitchen into the living room and finally caved a few nights ago and put her in our bedroom. She slept for over four hours both nights in our room. In actual fact I had to wake her up to take her outside. Should I just be leaving her and letting her wake us up when she needs to go. I really don't want her to pee in her crate so figured I should wake her up to be on the safe side.

The other thing we have started to do is crate her more during the day. She now goes into her crate during the day to sleep. House training is coming along however we find at night when everyone is home and the house is busy she gets very excited and has accidents in the house.
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Wow, sounds like you have a little brave baby on your hands! we would love to see more pics if you have.

As for the night time...don't wake her up to go pee, let her wake you....soon she will sleep through the night, she may have 1 or 2 accidents in their crates, but they don't want to mess their crates as that is their den.

Enjoy her, they sure do grow fast
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