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more deep snow adventures

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Aw I love them Kendal! And I love the new pic you have of them in your signature.
just love seeing your pics will have to get camera out x
You take lovely pictures! I find that with a chocolate cockapoo it is really hard to get a good pic. Every photo just looks like a brown blob - you can't see Dylan's features at all!
lol same with the black lol
totally agree wilfs black ... he looks lovely then i do a david bailey and you cant even tell which way round hes facing x
still waiting on puppy photos lol
I know ...I know ..lol .. I could be making it all up need to produce some as proof lol x
I love Delta's coat, it looks so soft and perfectly curled!
it was a jaket we must have baught for gypsy but never used,
oh I meant her fur coat! I love how it is curled so perfectly :)
Looks like alot of fun in the snow, raven loves it too. I will try and get some pictures up of her in the snow
:eek: LOL i posted that on my way to work lol wasnto long out my bed and didnt read it propperly lol
heehee no problem! either way, she is beautiful. does she still have her puppy coat or is that how her fur should remain for the rest of her life? i know that their fur can change but I'm not sure how much
thats still he puppy coat, she is 5 months old her coat will change about 8 months old round about her first clip. she is curlier than any of the other three were at her age.
She s lovely and to think I nearly got her sister, she s going to be striking x
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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