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More help please

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Pushca was spayed 8 days ago and all went well phew! But she now shakes and hides under the table when we pop back on to see the vet. I took her to just see the groomer ( in her new shop) yesterday and she shook looked at me and basically looked petrified. I'm worried I've made her a bit neurotic as I'm so gentle with her and we do a lot together. Please help as i'm worried she'll be upset plus other people may think I beat her!!! As if!!!
Thankyou I've popped a picture on of her being cuddled

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Poor thing! I suppose it's natural to be nervous of the vet after the op. The only thing I can suggest is that you ask the groomer if you can keep taking her in, put her on the table, give her a treat and try to give her some good associations with it. I'm sure she'll improve with time.
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Great advice as always Helen.... yes treats will work wonders ... a good pocket full and lots of reassurance from you Debi and she will be less anxious. Pushca has been through a bit of discomfort at the vets so she will naturally feel a little hesitant of vets, groomers etc ... maybe stay with her and give her lots of mummy cuddles.
I'd do the same as Helen Debi and maybe when she seems ok with the groomers I'd maybe do the same with the vets, possibley just walk past a few times and give her a treat and then build it up, just see how it goes.
Love your new avitar JoJo x
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Definitely agree with all of the above. I need to take Millie back on Thurs if not sooner, I'll let you know how she reacts :)

Just wanted to add one thing, that photo is just lovely with her little tongue sticking out :D:):D
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Thank you

Thankyou all so much
It is so lovely knowing you are all out there
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Absolutely....all of the above! You're doing a great job Debi. It would be good if the next few visits to either groomer or vets were just 'say hello' visits and nothing more ....other than treats of course!

Karen and Rufus xx
great advice already given, and cute pic by the way
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