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Without a doubt ... dont cockapoos just know how to sit in that position, almost lolled against you... whose your other baby. More assumptions!!!!! ..... I assumed Col was a man, are you a Colleen... theres alot of that goes on on here ( that did nt come out quite right ha ha ) x

I am a man honestly.:proud:
Thats my wife, you were nearly right, its Maureen

The other little fella is Linky the Mini Dachshund. A sad story of not knowing that he was a dog. He is 2 years old and belongs to the son of my wifes best friend. Up until about 6 weeks ago the only dog he knew was Poppy and he used to hide:eek: when ever he saw her. He'd never been socialized and was carried about.
I started to pick him up and take him on our walks, he has come on so much. This week we have been off work so he has spent a lot of time with us. He now walks of the lead and his recall is coming on a treat. Yesterday I made this video to show his owner.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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