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mucky paws walk

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as most of you will know gypsy doesn't really come walks with me anymore, she prefers to stay with my mum and go where she goes, so i love it on the days she decides fallow me and the girls to the door to go a walk. so i took a video of a rather dirty Gypsy.

also gypsy and Echo both want the ball at the same time and refuse to let it go, even with the other two getting in the way.

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AWWWWW! and Gypsy looks so happy too!! I love how they look like they are kissing...adorable
Oh my god. 4 cockapoos,
Who would I give all the attention to, 😄

Jeanie 😉
Lol you need to devide you attention. but its more fun. they call compeet for you. but it is hard to pet all 4 at once. gypsy was even wors when we got home. i was still brushing it out last night.
What a fab video .. love the Gyspy & Echo kiss over the orange ball .. the Inca coming under them to kiss the camera or you :)

Just makes me want 4 cockapoos really :)
Ah had to laugh, I loved how neither of them were pulling just a battle of wills.. who would give up first, trust Echo. Glad Gypsy had a great time, they were both so eager to get that ball, I think you had a 16 mucky paws walk :D
Ah how lovely, they really did play lovely. So nice to see the 'mexican stand off' as to who was going to give up the ball first.

Even Millie came to have a look at my computer screen :D
Great video, nice to see your girls dry, even if muddy!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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