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Muzzle to stop the chewing

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Our oup is barny for sticks and just about anything else she can get her teeth into. She finds every snail shell there is to find, any slither of plastic, anything really. I am teaching her to drop but I am wondering whether she might be better muzzled on wood walks in the future. I dont want to stop her enjoying new smells, etc but I am very worried by the fact that she picks up and chews so many sticks and plants. I dont want her insides pierced or for for her to be poisoned.
Are muzzles a good idea or a bit cruel if just used for this purpose?
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Sorry, I was meant to say our pup is barmy for sticks!
How old is she? Assuming she is just a pup this is totally normal and her just exploring the world by picking things up. You need a mixture of teaching drop, distracting, giving her lots of things she can pick up and ignoring lots of the safe stuff that really does not matter. The more attention you give to things sometimes the more the pup will carry on doing them
Just to add - I would not use a muzzle for this - I 'may' in the case of a dog with severe issues who will most likely be very ill if they pick up things but not for a normal puppy exploring the world
Thank you, that all makes sense 😊
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