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My cockapoo terrorises oud labrador..

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Hi, I have a beautiful 23 month old cockapoo Flo, who is not neutered. I also have a 5 1/2 Yr old Female neutered lab, who is the most placid and easy going dog. As Flo has got older she is becoming more and more aggressive to Ellie, guarding toys, people or just space jn a room! She places herself in doorways and lies down so Ellie cannot enter, anc Ellie then hides at the other side of the room. This behaviour is not constant, but is daily and increasing. When not behaving like this they play and cuddle up together. Flo us a very bright girl, and knows she does wrong - every times she behaves like this she gets firmly told no and shut in the utility room for 5 minutes. As soon as we let her out she rushes to Ellie and licks her face submissively. This time out does not seem to be working, any ideas welcome please, as I don't want to have to rehome Flo, but this behaviour is unfair on Ellie, who hides from Flo. We will be heartbroken if this is the only solution, but this behaviour cannot continue. When jot doing this Flo is a typical affectionate, funny and loving dog..
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Time outs are not something that is going to work, dogs do not sit and reflect on their behaviour, it is more likely to cause Flo to feel a little bit insecure and more likely to practice her controlling behaviour. Instead it would be far better to intervene and call Flo away when she is controlling door ways, and help her understand that Ellie being around is a good thing not a problem she needs to guard against
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Hi, thanks for replying. The trouble is that when she goes for it you cannot call her away, all you can do is catch her and remove her or she continues to growl, snarl, and terrorise Ellie.She is nof really motivated by food, so I can't distract her with that, but she cannot keep bullying Ellie like this, as she hides and looks anxious. Ellie never takes her food or toys, but Flo will guard anything including random items like toilet rolls.Flo will intentionally lie in doorways or the middle of the stairs to stop Ellie passing. When she has bee naughty she submissively approaches Ellie and licks her, and a lot of the time they cuddle up together, but whe she loses it if is horrible..
Sorry - I meant much more monitoring of her and calling her away before she is blocking Ellie. Likewise guarding of items is very common with Cockapoo’s and the dog guarding needs help realising that she does not need to guard things and each time she is removed it makes her more stressed and more likely to guard.

There is a book called “mine” all about resource guarding or a lesson with a good reward based trainer might help things to settle down.

Molly came to me with a history of resource guarding and occasionally tries to bully my other dog. I need to be aware of possible conflict areas and make sure Molly is supervised and moved if she is trying to bully. She is not told off or punished in anyway, just called away from the situation and asked to settle somewhere else
Thanks so much, we will try this, and I will get the book.As I write this they are cuddled up together!
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