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My dog has Dandruff

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Hi all

Since I got Liquorice hehas had problems with his skin, that has cleared up now but he is left with Dandruff ? The vet said to use baby shampoo as this is the kindest and less harmful. I wash him only when he needs (smell/mud/etc) He has also started again to bite at himself. He has also a lot of wax in his ears, I dont want to keep putting in cleaner as this will effect him. Any help would be great

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try a little cod liver oil in his dinner to help wit his skin. how will using the ear cleaner affect him? bothe poodles and cockers because of the tipe of ears they have quite often get guncky ears, the bet ear cleaner i have founs is quistle. http://www.quistel.com/information/index.php?page=earcleaner&gclid=CND3nuHJr6YCFQ1O4Qod00_DZw
what food is he on.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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