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Ludde is 4 months now. We have had him for almost 9 weeks, and he has since day 2 slept in our bedroom next to the bed. It has always gone smoothly. In the beginning there could be a little beep in 5 minutes because he did not understand that it was evening. Otherwise, it has gone fine, and now he sleeps all night.

Yesterday, however ... There was barking, whistling and wild action in a couple of hours. I tried everything (hungry? Out to pee etc) but nothing helped. He calmed down as soon as we walked into the livingroom, and it ended with me sleeping on the couch. It's sort of not the intention that he shall begin to reign in the house here, but it must have been something (I just can not understand what). Cold in the bedroom, yes, but it has been all week too without him reacting the least (he usually settles on the cold floor instead of in his bed).

Could it be that it has begun to draw heavily on the walls since it's so cold outside? I have like no natural explanation for why he did not get settled. Other routines in the course of yesterday was mostly as usual.
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