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My girlies then and now

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A few comparison pics...

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Aah Bethany love the photos. You forget how much they change until you see the comparisons side by side like that. Nell is growing up fast. I love her coat! :) x
I love those pictures...too adorable
Love the pics
Looks justike Boycie
Did at that age x
It's so nice to see them side by side like that. I can see the difference in Rosie's size since we got her, but it'll be interesting in a few months to see if there are any other differences, like the texture of her coat.
Great pictures Bethany they look fab, and yeh Nells coat is beautiful x
You are a great photographer, that is for sure!
So adorable, I love the colour of the baby one, I wonder how it will change?
Flo is really, really curly but just has a soft wave as a puppy. So interesting to see how there coats change. Lovely pics Bethany.
Great picts! I always love seeing what their coats do from puppyhood to maturity.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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