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my girls on a school walk

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my dog school and my frinds love doing group walks, the the most dogs we ever had was last xmas when we had 50 dogs almost all off lead.

but this is a smaller group going round a local park.

wiping off slobbery kiss and paw prints from Mylo lol

i told you Echo no tongue lol

aww meg what did they do to you.

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Wow lots of great pictures there. :D

I've heard of social groups for people, but never for dogs. That seems like such a good idea.

Wow man they are really amazing pics your pets are so nice and cute,,,,,
thanks, do you have any photos of you cockapoo
Oh man that is a great! A group??? I wiah i had one in NY or NJ.... I would love that!
Lovely photos, can't wait for the Southern meet :D:D:D we'll post lots of pics too
Great pics Kendal!
Kendal what a great day you all had isn't it lovely to see a "pack" of dogs of all shapes and sizes getting on so well it shows they have been so well socialised. Just BRILLIANT
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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