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My new puppy

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Hi have just been referred to this site by a friend and thought I would introduce myself. I have added a picture with my eldest son and our new pup. We bought him home in July at 11 weeks and he has settled in well to our family home.

We named in Indy (after Indiana Jones) and he has a lovely nature. The photo was taken the day he came home with us.

I hope I have uploaded the photo correctly :)


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hey welcome, Indy is very cute, a lovely deep red colour. cant waite for more resent photos.
Thank you very much. Much was a red cocker spaniel and he has a white tuft on top of his head and bib. I will get more recent pictures as soon as.
Hi Lisa .. Indy looks very sweet.

Great news you have a new puppy :)
Hello and :welcome: Indy is gorgeous, I would love to see some more updated pics xx
Hello and :welcome: Lisa and Indy! He's very cute..there seems to be more lovely red and dark apricot pups joining at the moment..I love them :hug:

:iagree: Clare, red and apricot are yummy. Indy is gorgeous, welcome to the forum Lisa :)
Hi! :D This forum is a great place to get information, especially if you're a first time owner like me!
Hi and welcome! Lovely picture of your son with Indy. :)
Hello and :welcome:

Indy is a lovely colour :)
Hello and welcome - Indy is a lovely colour and what a great name :D
Welcome from Mandy and Flo - Indy is gorgeous
Hello and welcome to the site Lisa. Indy looks gorgeous!
Welcome and congratulations. Don't know who's cuter Indy or you're son. :D
Aww, Indy is gorgerous- i love that deep red colour. For my next cockapoo i would like to have a red one (will have to have a word with Izzi!). I can't believe i am talking about a next one when my first one is only 7 1/2 weeks old!!!! (don't tell hubby but i am going to have a pack!!:D)
I digress, :welcome:
Welcome! I love the Name Indy! so cute....he totally needs a little indiana jones hat!!
:welcome: He is gorgeous! I love the colour :) I definitely want a red cockapoo in the future. :congrats:
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