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My poor Bonnie is in surgery

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My poor little Bonnie is having quite a serious eye operation at the moment. She somehow managed to pierce her eye quite deeply on something, maybe a twig or a thorn and a nastly ulcer formed which was growing fast. I felt quite tearful as I left her at the surgery today. She is having the ulcer removed, some sort of graft done and the eye stitched up.

We were due to go for a weekend away with the dogs last night so we have had to cancel (bags all packed and 4 hours before we were due to leave). We are all missing her after only a few hours and can't wait to get her home again. Dexter hasn't eaten anything and is wandering around looking for her. (and it's his first birthday today!)
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Aaaah poor little Bonnie! Sorry to read she is unwell but she is in the best place and having the treatment she needs :) Hope you get her home very soon and Dexter has a happy 1st birthday :) Big hugs to you all :hug: x
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oh no, not a good weekend at all for you, I hope that all gets better soon. please update us on her progress.
Get well soon Bonnie. Big hugs to all of you x
Poor little Bonnie, that sounds nasty ... I hope she can come home very soon and hope she makes a quick recovery.:hug:

What a shame about your weekend away. We find that one dog really misses the other one when they're separated too.

S x
Oh poor Bonnie, hope she gets better soon.

Poor all of you missing your weekend away and Dexter not having his best friend around on his birthday.

Poor Bonnie. Hope she is soon back home and recovers quickly.
Aw that's sounds painful.:hug:

Wishing her a speedy recovery and sending you both big hugs. xx
Poor Bonnie - that sounds really sore. And poor you, you must be worried sick. Let us know how she gets on :)
Poor Bonnie - that must be awful for her - hope she is ok after her op.
Oh Tess .. so sorry to read this what a weekend you are having :( please keep us posted.

Love and hugs to Bonnie and Happy Birthday Dexter xxxx
Oh Tess hope she's okay and that you and Dexter can comfort each other, thinking about you all, take care x
Ah poor Bonnie & poor Dexter for missing her & poor you for worrying about her!

I do hope she recovers quickly and is back to playing with Dexter before you know it!

Sending hugs xxx
Oh, I hope all goes well for Bonnie, and she's home with you soon.
Hi thanks for your kind wishes. Bonnie came back from her op with her eyelids stitched together (ew, but just temporary) and a massive buster collar which she is not impressed with! The vet said she would sleep all evening but she was as lively as anything, typical her! Lucky we cancelled our weekend as if we had waited till Monday it could have got nasty and her sight may have been affected.
Awww poor girl. when will she get the stitches out. did they say what it was they did. how has dexter been around her, has he bothered with her eye.
Poor thing ... I hope the stickes and collar can go soon. Sending you both :hug: Its good it was dealt with quickly.
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