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My puppy hates my roommate

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Hi! So I'm new to this website. I need some advice on my cockapoo... He is 5 years old and I have had him since he was just a few weeks old. He has been an amazing companion all of these years. I've lived in two states and multiple apartments (with different people) throughout the years (even some of whom had other dogs).. point being, it is not uncommon for him to be around other people and other animals. But my puppy hates my roommate. It started gradually as I moved in back in January and just recently he nipped at her. Now she is not exactly the most warm and welcoming individual and he typically is loving and playful with everyone. I warn them of his two vices - socks and meaty dog bones. If he has one of those two things, don't reach for them. Other than that he is nothing by cuddly. My roommate, just has to be around and he growls or barks at her. I'm not sure what to do. I can't have him biting her. I leave him in my room recently during the day, but I just feel like I am being cruel to him. Please help!
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Sounds like your dog knows your room mate is scared of him. I would suggest letting her take over the feeding, walking etc. These two activities are the things dogs love most therefore if she takes control of this he will soon realise she is a friend and part of the house hold. I know she may not be keen to do this but she really needs to put in some work as I think that if she remains scared of him he will feel more and more dominant over her and the situation may escalate. Good luck!
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Dogs apparently smell fear - we give off a scent to dogs that we are scared so this may be the thing ............ but once your scared of dogs its hard to pretend ur not - my sisters dog once went for me and it did leave me wary & i had always been used to dogs!! Maybe as Karen suggested if ur housemate would do it, get her to feed him & give him treats - hope it works out j x
is their anything inparticular that you room mate does that sparks a reaction from bently. i agree, getting you room mate invalved in his day to day lifel. get your roommate out on a walk with you and bently, then hand the lead over without him knowing and step away a little so he learns your room mate is one of the pack.
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