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My sweet puppy

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Just thought I would share a cute little story!
So last night I was feeling really sad because my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship at the moment and we won't be able to see each other for a while and me and Bella were laying in bed, she at the end of the bed as usual and me up by the pillows. I started crying and I just saw Bella get up, look at me and come slowly over to sit in my lap and just look up at me which made me smile, then she licked all over my neck as if to say "its okay mum, I'm here for you!" totally adorable and warmed my heart :) <3
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Yep that got me .. I am feeling emotional now ... what a little poppet Bella is ..

Dont be sad .. you have Bella and crazy bunch of cockapoo friends on here to make you smile :)
aww thanks:)
Bella is pretty great at cheering me up too!!:ilmc:
When Vincent sees me cry he jumps on my lap and licks my nose :)
Awww little bella they really do know what u need when u need it, hanks for sharing such a cute story
Thanks for sharing it made me all teary! Cockapoos are such dear little dogs aren't they?
Ah how lovely
We are so lucky aren't we!
I am always amazed at how well cockapoos can read our emotions. I am sorry that you have to be apart for some time, but it is great that you have such a wonderful little dog to cheer you up.
Aww that is so sweet! You can always count on your dog to make you feel better! :)
Awww........that is so lovely
My little cockerpoo is the same, she is only 16 weeks old, but came home last week from partial shoulder replacement and this bouncy, lively puppy, just knows to be gentle with me. So adorable! She puts her head very gently on my sling as if to protect me from anything knocking my arm. Can't believe I have had her 2 months and just adore her so.........couldn't wait to get home from hospital to see my little cockerpoo baby
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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