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Natures menu nuggets ok for puppies?

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Ran out of NI this weekend so bought some Natures Menu nuggets as a substitute. Milo loved it (he eats anything). However he now has lots more waste and it's black! Otherwise he is alright, his usual active self. I dint think there r nuggets specifically for puppies. I got the banquet variety as they had run out of chicken. Is it too rich? It has some liver and heart in but it's mostly chicken and tripe I think.
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I sometimes use Nature's Menu too. I think when I tried the lamb frozen block his poos were much darker. Since then, I've stuck to the chicken and I have some nuggets too - I just mash them down a bit - they are fine for puppies. The man in the shop said not to give too much tripe though as it would be too rich - just occasionally. Biscuit loves this range so I alternate with NI when he's being fussy.
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