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Naughty behaviour before season

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Hi all
Another question about my little princess. We have a feeling she will be coming into season soon but in the night she has chewed my coat and eaten the zip!! Her behaviour is being very niggely and she's always trying fight with fletcher!
Any help if your madam has been showing naughty behaviour?
Thanks Katie, Fletch and Lexie x
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Hormones!! Maybe she has PMT? :D

As for the chewing what we are doing is removing anything we dont want chewed out of her way. Leaving her toys and things she is allowed to chew. Im going to stuff a kong for her while we are going out.

If I do catch her chewing something she shouldnt I will make an angry noise to let her know I disapproe and remove it then encorage her to chew and play with something she should have. If I dont catch her in the act then its too late to correct her. Its unlikely she has the reason to put together wrecked item with the fun she had chewing hours before. If she did look guilty it would prob be a reaction to my annoyed body language.

I know I will have some casualties going through the puppy stage.

Sorry to hear that Lexie is being a madam!

Daisy didn't chew anymore than normal but her recall went out of the window and she rather than keep us in sight she started to 'roam'! She left me a couple of times standing in the middle of the woods wondering where on earth she had gone! At the end of that particular week her spotting started which explained the change in her.

Good luck. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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