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I agree with the others either build it up or just do it, I think we just did it with Izzie & she is fine now, just sits in the lounge window & sleeps while we're out & then watches for us coming home & wags her tail & brings a toy to the door for us :)

Same with Poppy (as obviously Izzie has still needed her walks even though Poppy hasn't been able to go out). So we just did it, she does cry when you leave (and for a while she would still be crying when you got back) but the last few times i've left her i've come back to silence :) So she must be learning that it's okay because we do come back...

Another thing I will say is that i've heard that dogs don't have much sense of time, they can learn a daily routine if things are done at the same time but don't generally realise how long we are gone through the day (maybe because they sleep for most of it? haha). Obviously they realise if you have only been a few minutes or you have been on holiday for a week, but daily I don't think they really realise how long they are left, so you may as well just give it a go :) & remove anything chewable if you don't want it ruined when you get home! (if your pup gets bored when you're out) try & leave a lot of toys.

Good luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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