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My Black Beard is probably around 1 1/2 to 2 y/o, and I am thinking about neutering him. In other's experiences, has neutering calmed your pup down at all? BB is super-energetic, and I sometimes find it hard to keep up!
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It's so "weird" to hear how normal it is to neuter dogs in the US. In Norway it's almost unheard of, and some vets don't even do it.

I've had a male dog myself (boxer) and know a lot of other people with male dogs and it's just not an issue. I have a lot of respect of Cæcar Milan and have used a lot of his teqniques. I just don't understand the "neutering-thing".

Does that mean that every male cockerpoo will be wild and crazy unless you neuter him? Should I be nervous to get my male cockerpoo?
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