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New Cockapoo coat colour!

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I know I shouldn't be on here but I am having a day off to study and it is my 'lunch break' ;)

Anyway, Daisy's coat has always been a bit dark brown and now it is becoming an all over brown (apart form her white bits) but really dark, not chocolate unless a dark 80% coco content...yummy! I know that her sister Poppy (michelleE) also has gone this colour.

So, I was wondering is this just called 'very dark brown' or does it have a colour? If not I was thinking 'Cafe noir' or 'Chocolat noir'? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Come on JoJo you are our colour expert, what do you think? :jumping: Can we make up a new name.... :D

Apologies, I am feeling very silly today :eek:, I think lack of sleep and trying to revise in a mad house is affecting my mind! :smash: :juggle: :whatever: :huh:

On top of this my lovely Daisy is having a stressy bedtimes again and it makes me sad because I just want her to be a happy girl! :)
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Hey I love silly .. please stay silly.... I like fun now this is fun ... has Daisy got any choc in her background?

As you know Oakley is solid black, well he does have chocolate in his background

Sarah I will have to move Daisy dog in the coat catalogue if she is changing .. oh I so wanted Oakley to have a fading gene ... still time .. Oakley has a deep choc sheen to his coat ... he may have it too ...

Send lots of pic please of Daisy ...
I only know that her mum was a black show cocker and dad was an apricot miniature poodle. Further back than that I am unsure. Might investigate..:)

I have seen Janice's Romeo. :) No silver yet just very dark brown but more and more so. I will try and take some pictures although I am not sure where she is at the moment....

asleep by the back door, photos taken (not very lady like :rolleyes:, will have to crop ;) ).

Will post them in a bit if they are any good! :D
Just love your ideas for colour names, Sarah.
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Dodgy pictures

Hello again, still not got back to the studying! :( :D

Here is Daisy lazing in the sun with her head half hanging outside the door! :rolleyes: Unladylike bits cropped to save her dignity! :eek:

When the sun shines on her coat it looks much lighter. Please excuse the dodgy fringe cut, still practising! :D

Poor Daisy...
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She is lovely xxxxx

She has a lighter shade than Oakley .. but there is a choccy sheen ....

Oh I hope we have fading cockapoos ...

Daisy is younger than Oakley.. but her coat is changing .. it may just change to a dark choc, Black with choc lowlights lol .... but I would guess, no expert here, if it was a fading gene it would fade more ... to silver ...

Oh I do love colours

I love cafe au lait too... I would love a cafe au lait cockapoo .. see I never stop wanting another one ....

Shall we create a new colour .. cafe noir / chocolate noir ... you are funny xxx
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I made them up last week whilst out walking with Max the cockapoo and his mum! I decided that she couldn't be called blacky brown or very, very dark brown, so I had to think of something which sounded a bit cooler for your list! ;) You can keep her in the black for now but maybe put in brackets (slightly dodgy example of black) Hahaha! Daisy knows I don't mean it! Then again she did chew spidermans head off earlier......
awww I want to give her a cuddle :hug:

Her coat is gorgeous and you can see the brown- she is a two-tone dog :D

Monty is black with silver- when he is cropped you can see the silver hue to his coat.

When it first happened and I didn't know anything back then- thought he was going grey!!!

Daisy has a lovely wavy coat and I love the colour- very rich and autumnal.
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You are in a great mood today .... I love it ...

Right I am going on a dog pull .. I mean dog walk ... such a beautiful day .. I cant stay in :)

It will be interesting to know how Romeo faded? maybe do a thread to Sarah or Janice ... it would be really useful ..
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Have a nice walk! I have already been dragged round the lake and will be dragged out again later to meet her doggy friends! Not that I need much dragging, it is one of my favourite bits of the day! :D

Off to find my books now......:rolleyes:
Daisy could be one of the following Sarah:

Seal : Appears black with a brownish tinge

Bronzing: A brownish cast to the coat of a long-haired black dog

Particolour : Distinct two coloured coat.
Oh dear, I have done nothing this afternoon but browse on line and talk on the phone! :eek:

I think the description of seal or bronzing seem quite apt. I will have to google the colours so that I can compare to Daisy. Thank you and stop interrupting my studying! ;) :D Heehee!
I don't think Monty is solid black- sorry JoJo :eek:

He has a silver hue -which shows up better some days than others.

Will post some pictures and see what you think????

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Oooh yes, you can really see it in this photo! Gorgeous boy! :love-eyes:
thats normal for black dogs, they tend to get a hint of brown, like the chocies get blond bits. i dont know is its the sun or if its just like the coat is dryer at the ends so the colour changes.

it happened more to Inca as a puppy than now. you see it a wee bit in her legs but not much.
She is definitely dark brown not black. From a distance she looks black but if you put her next to a black dog and see her close up she is not really black. She is a cafe noir ;) :D
ooo Cafe Noir! i like that one!!!!
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You lot are bonkers :D. With Multi coloured cockapoos :D. Ha - I'm one to talk lol :D.

Another reason to love cockapoos.. Xx
Girls girls girls ...are you messing up my CCCC (cockapoo colour coat catalogue) ... laughing here ...

Seriously if you want them move to another section I will do it .. they are your cockapoos and you can have them in any section you want ...

Just let me know if you do want them moved xxx

I see silver in Monty.. I like his coat xx
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Thanks JoJo, I don't mind where Daisy is at the moment (currently asleep at my feet!). I shall see if her coat changes anymore over the next few months. I am trying to avoid the groomers as I like the natural look but if it I wonder if it gets trimmed it will be different. I don't want to mess up your catalogue! ;)

I did find a couple of silver/grey hairs on Daisy's back earlier but they might just be stray ones, something sadly I am getting to experience myself! :eek: :(
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