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New cockapoo girl

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Hello everyone,Im lorna and I live in South Lanarkshire,Scotland.
We have just bought our first cockapoo puppy.We have two Standard
poodles("Diva" who is black and "Mishka" who is chocolate).Our new girl
is called "Lady",she is cream.Much more cocker than poo,she is a wee
cracker and although I was against crate training I must admit its working
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Welcome Lorna! Look forward to seeing some pics and hearing more about you all.
Hi I am Lorna's Mum and also on the forum so you will be tired of hearing about Lady with the two of us boasting. She went down last night at 10.30pm and slept until 7am I can hardly believe how good she has been in her crate. I know it is early days but lets hope it lasts
Hi Lorna and Lornas Mum, Like your choice of name ... I'm sure she is ! Glad the crate training is going well. How is she getting on with Diva and Mishka.. look forward to pics of them all x
is this Lady number 3??? I have a lady too!
:congrats: on getting a new puppy. Look forward to hearing about her.

Another cream Lady, how lovely. Look forward to seeing some pictures.
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