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Our Cockapoo which we've had for 2 weeks now is a 10 week old girl called Willow. She is pitch black with a tiny bit of white under her chin. She sleeps a lot of the time (especially in this heat) but every now and then she has a mental 30 minutes where she drives us nuts. She has gone from being a very shy creature into a playful bundle of joy and occasional madness.

However our main issue/worry at the moment is her crate/play area setup. Initially we bought a medium size crate and then complimented that with a quite large play pen. We leave the door open to her crate but at bedtime we shut her in the play pen, the trouble is the pen sits on a wooden floor and she can (and does) pull it out of shape as soon as we leave the room. She also picks up her water bowl and tips the contents on the floor (have now purchased one that is more secure and should prevent this). Was just wondering if anyone can suggest a more robust play pen, that she can't push and pull out of shape.

The attachments are of Willow and her Enclosure after we found her this morning minus a jobby which I cleaned up before.

Mark and Kirsten


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