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New family member =)

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Hi Everyone!

We just got Ziva two weeks ago and we love her to pieces!! She is 12 weeks old and incredibly smart. Her coloring is really what jumped out when I first saw her...she is "black roan" colored, with black, white, gray, and even a bit of red swirls in her...so adorable! She has been a handful but also coming along very quick. I'm so excited to have found a wonderful group of people to share our journey with and to learn from. :)

Happy Holidays,

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hey welcome, would love to see photos of her. i have never hered of a black roan, only a blue roan.

where did you get her name, i know a doberman called ziva.

I took lots of pictures at Christmas when she came home to meet the rest of my family...I'll be sure to get them up soon. Her color is definitely unusual. As for her name, we actually got it from the show NCIS. My husband got me hooked on it and we watch it all the time. =)
Pic of Ziva

Here's a pic of Ziva from last week =)


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Hey Adrienne! Welcome to the site. :) Ziva has a beautiful coat and color. I can't wait to see more of her.
welcome! I'm pretty new here too! Ziva is so pretty, I love her coloring! looking forward to getting to know you more. :)
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