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Hi Everyone,
Just thought I'd post some photos Dad took this afternoon 15th Dec. I was on my best behavior as I like getting my picture taken.
I have just finished the first session of puppy classes. I thought I did quite well. So we will see after Christmas if I can be top of the class.
The weather here in Milngavie has been mostly wet so lots of muddy puddles and baths - which I love.
I have been making lots of friends on my walks and like it when I get a complement and a cuddle for being the best looking dog on the block.
My twitter account @flynnrutherford has been going well and I have lots of followers. Dad says I am self centered and egotistical, whatever that means. I'm just a puppy.
Best wishes to all,
Puppy Power.
Flynn XX


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Hey Flynn, I love muddy puddles too, not so keen on baths :D
You look very handsome, mum wants to know how big you are, don't know why!
I like your Rainbow photo too, mum agrees with what you said about Stephen and Julia. We must get together in the New Year, Merry Christmas, love from your little sis Izzy :hug:
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