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Hello... a fellow Cockerpoo owner recomended that I post here. Perhaps you've run across him. Jefferson Reiley is older dog, 12 to be exact. Partially blind and seems to be losing his hearing as well. He and his German Sheppard mixed sister went missing from my yard around 11 AM Friday November 25th near intersection of Candler Rd and Glenwood Rd in the White Oak community of Decatur, GA 30032. His sister returned, but he is still missing. He was last seen playing with another dog on Eastwood Drive between Ellington St and Old Hickory St at around 12 Noon.

He is black with a bit of white on his chin. He is neutered and has a lump
on his right shoulder and a stubbed tail, but he is not wearing a collar as
he had just been bathed prior to going missing. He is micro-chipped, but was
not registered to me, but to his previous owners in New Jersey. I miss my
son horribly. He is a direct connection to my deceased husband, as they were
great pals, so his return is of utmost importance. Reward if located and
returned safely.

Thank you in advance!

Call 678-698-3261 Leave a message if no answer please,

Thank you so much. Sherri


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Oh no how terrible for you- I do hope you get him home safe and sound soon.

Have you put up posters around your area? contact all the local shops and vets etc...... and spread the word as quickly as you can so more people will keep an eye open for him.

Do keep us updated.

Big hugs :hug:

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Awww i'm so sorry! :(
I hope he returns safe & sound very soon!
Try o spread the word as much as possible in your area & it's surroundings so everyone is aware to be looking out for him. Poor little guy :(
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