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Hello everyone. I am the proud owner/mother of a white/buff colored female cocka-poo named Chrissy who is the love of my life. She is four and a half years old and the most wonderful dog I have ever had. She is beautiful and spoiled rotten. Chrissy came into my life not long after I had to have my beagle/springer spaniel put down and I really believe this happened for a reason. I would keep her for my nephew when he would go out of town she was about one at the time and everytime they would come to pick her up to take her home I would cry like a baby. Then one day out of the blue actually not to long after I had kept her again my niece called and said that they thought she was causing an allergic for my nephew and would I be interested in having her for my very own. I knew that was not the real reason for them wanting to get rid of her. My niece just did not want to be bothered with her. They have two young children and they are always on the go. She was not mistreated in any way she just had to spend a lot of time in a crate that she hasn't been back in since the day she arrived at my house. Unfortunately for my nephew he was a little devastated to have to get rid of her and really had a hard time coming to my house even though he knew she couldn't have come to a better place. Well, honestly after having just lost a dog that I dearly loved I just wasn't or at least thought I wasn't yet ready for a new dog. Well, that thought was very short lived and I said YES! The rest is history. Well, let me back up for a minute. I did consider her to be a froo-froo dog (not a big poodle or cocker spaniel fan) but I over came that with this particular girl in only a matter of seconds. She transitioned very easily and like I said here she is and I must say the Queen Bee and loved by everyone. This dog gets more hugs and kisses and attention and it going on four years since we took her in (and it sure doesn't hurt that she doesn't shed either) everyone here loves that so she does spend a lot of time snuggling either in a bed or on a lap or actually where ever she chooses to be. She's Grrrrrrrrrrreat just like I am sure all of your cocka-poo's are too!
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