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Hell Gemma :) I am new to CPs too but not dogs or training.
Firstly Cooper needs to associate a crate with good things, hide some treats in their like tiny slivers of chicken.
Choose a time when Cooper is tired to put him in his crate for a short time to get used to it have a game first.
Next make sure Cooper is 'empty' so has been out to pee and poo and leave a soft toy in there with him to replicate a sibling.

I tend to do the above so I know my puppy is comfortable then at the start of the crate learning process I some jobs that involve going in and out of the kitchen (where the crate is) ignoring the puppy that means no word no eye contact. Only open the door when the puppy is quiet and give lots of praise. Start with just a short spell in the crate then gradually increase the time.
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