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New owner , new member

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Hello everyone , I am a new owner of a very gorgeous cockapoo called Stanlee. He is 12 weeks old and hopefully settling in with us nicely. I have joined this group as I am a first time owner of a dog and will probably get on your nerves asking for lots of advice !!

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welcome to the forum! Love the name Stanlee :)
aww thank you .. he is also black but has a bit of a white beard !!:)
Hi & welcome! :)
Don't worry everyone needs advice :) Sometimes it's just reassurance, don't worry, ask away :) I also love the name :) Hope you're enjoying your little pup!
Would love to see some pictures :)
Welcome to you both, enjoy your new baby x x
Hello and welcome :welcome:
You could never get on our nerves were cp's are concerned
We're all on here for the same reason, our cute bundles of fluff

You'll get alot of help and advice on here
Hello and welcome to the forum! Great name for a Cockapoo and please don't worry about asking questions we are a helpful bunch! :D
Thank you everyone . As soon as i know how to I will put on some pictures.
I did have a few sleepless nights when I agreed to having Stanlee, wondered what i was letting myself in for as lots of people had said its really hard work. Well thankfully he has settled very well and is well and truly part of our family. As i write he is spread out on the sofa fast asleep (oopps something i was not going to let happen!!) . The only worry I have at the moment is his feeding... trying to go by the book , but he seems to gulp it down so quickly and waits everytime i boil the kettle for more food.. Really dont want to over feed him but would hate him to be hungry . thank you xxx
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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