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New puppy owner questions......

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Having followed a lot of the posts on here and already asked some questions- I have a few more as the time to bring our little puppy Rosie home gets closer- in 4 days!! Hope these questions aren't too silly??

Beds- Is it best to let her just sleep in her crate, to get used to being in there? Her crate will be in the kitchen, however I thought about getting a small bed for her to snuggle up on in the lounge when we're in there? Don't want to confuse her though?

Treats- What types of treats can you recommend in the very early stages of toilet/ recall training?

Whistle? - A friend of mine has recommended using a whistle to recall from the start- any thoughts on this?

Thanks and I'm sure I will have a lot more questions when she arrives- can't wait now!!
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Beds - Dexter has all his sleeps in his crate - but we have put a soft bed in our lounge & use that as his 'settle' area and we are trying to teach him to settle there while we watch tv etc

I use James Wellbeloved Crackerjack treats, small pieces of carrot, small pieces of the wafer thin sandwich chicken, chopped frankfurters etc

I'm about to buy a whistle so can't advise on that.

No questions are silly - you've only got to look at the amount of questions I've posted to see that its normal.

Good luck ;)
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Hi Allison,
I see you come from Bude one of my favourite parts of the world and with a great dog-friendly beach!

Treats- I use Puppy Coachies- they are tiny, puppies love them and they are only 1 calorie each.
Beds- Mine had a little puppy bed as well as their crate, they loved to curl up in it and I could move it around the house.
Whistles- probably a good idea although in my park loads of owners use them and the dogs dont take a blind bit of notice- I think they must be used with high quaity treats.
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Thanks for your feedback. Bude is lovely with great beaches for our new pup to run around on when she is older. Hope she will like the sea!
I use a whistle with my 12 week old and it works great, I have the acme 210, it works well as a different tone to other whistles that you get in pet shops, when out I use cheese as a treat so she always comes to whistle, 3 blows and she is by my side (so far)!
She has a bed (we gave up with crate after 10 days as she kept messing in it and crying), she loves her bed now!
Treats: coachies she isnt fussed in as too hard, we use chopped up hot dog sausage or natures menu meaty treats, she loves those. Good luck with your puppy and I highly recommend using a whistle! x
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Coachies upset Dexter's tummy & gave him the runs !!!
Look at Vet Beds, they wash in the washing machine really quickly and dry even quicker. Handy for any accidents in the crate, which will happen. I'd save the doggie bed for when she's a little older, it would be a shame to spoil it.

I would try without a whistle, get her to recall to a command first. You never know if in the future you go out and forget your whistle :eek: You can always add the whistle in later. I personally don't use one, just call Millie and Come. And I whistle or clap my hands too to attract her attention.

Coachie treats are good as they are small, or any fresh chicken pieces, sausage, frankfurter etc cut up really small, the size of half a little finger nail.
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Vet bet in the crate for sure... Jarvis has the odd accident and it wicks away the wet so he doesn't get wet lying in it... I put it on a quick 15 min wash cycle and they dry real quick.

I got the one for my crate size (36") and cut it in half so you only wash the side that's dirty, also because I divided my crate. X

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