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Daffodil - his mum is an orange roan

Mandym- he's from a lady called Sylvia from sylml cockapoos based in Lincolnshire.

Janev- we've been here two years. No I'm afraid I don't know her. I think we are heading back as my husband has just offered a job in the peak district, so looks like it will happen. Dubai was never going to be a permanent stay we always knew we would return and it's probably happened a year earlier than our plan, however we feel we might as well take this opportunity while it's there. So very excited, it's a nice part of the country, I'm originally from Cambridge and you can't get much flatter than that! So I'm looking forward to a cockerpoo romp in the hills rather than desert! However not looking forward to the petrol prices...we pay 25p a litre here! Costs me £25 to fill my ford explorer which is a 4x4. Won't be bringing that home! Lol

Our pup has really changed since being born, already I think you can see the wave to his coat in the latest photo. Thanks everyone for your comments

Sam x
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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