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Kong is fab realy good for helping crate training. but dont go for the past that comes with it its a wast of mony and a bu&&er to clean iff they dont get it all out when playing with it. you can pop treats in, soft cheese, peanutbutter, patta, if your dog is on cand food you can use that too.

do you know if your puppy is coming with a pack, our girls came with a teddy that had been in with mum, but we sent up a blanket to the breeder so it could be put in with mum and the litter, then comes awayu with the puppy.

puppy pads, but i would advise getting the pup used to going outside as early as posible.

bedding, dont go for anything exspensive as if your pup i a bad chewer then its a compleat wast of money.

hope that helps.
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