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new puppy

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one more sleep to go!!!!!!!! then collecting my new baby boy!!! then no sleep...probablyx
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very exciting!
Yayyy! Enjoy :D
& then pictures ;)

Yes I was right spent all night on the kitchen floor ...new pup first night and he cried all night:( got a crate and he went mad any ideas:confused:
Dont despair, make going in his crate fun, put his toys in and praise him and/or give him treats when he goes in. Maybe pop him in when ever he nods off. Make it comfy and snuggly, cover it so that its den like.... have you got a blanket from the breeder or put in a t-shirt that has your scent on. Possibly a teddy, you can get pads that warm in the microwave to put in a little like a wheat bag. Hope you have a better night x x x
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Got pics of Milo 3 weeks old how do I attach them for you all to see :)
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