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New puppy

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My name is Jasmine, my cockapoo will be born any day this weekend.
I must say I am really really excited and cannot wait to be able to pick it up in 8 weeks.
Just tooo impatient.

I am getting it from Syml Sylvia, I have read many of you have too.

Cannot wait to post pictures when it is home.

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congrats on your new bundle to be...do you know what you will be getting? or what you are hoping for rather?
Oooo exciting time Jasmine, who are the parents there could be older brothers and sisters on here x
Welcome, I have posted a visitor message to let you know I moved your post. New puppies deserve there own thread :)
I have just found out today that they were born on the 12/06/12.
Sadly the whole litter are boys and I had my mind completely set on a girl.
I need some advice as to what i should do.... can you please advice what difference between bitches and dogs!!
I would have to wait for the next litter to be ready in October and I dont know if I can really wait that long...:(
It would be an American Cockerpoo dark apricot colour.
Don't let the *** put you off, there really are no major advantages to one more than the other! You will have a lovely, loyal member of the family which ever *** you have.
I have decided to go ahead and get the boy!!!
It is a apricot American cockerpoo.

I am terribly excited...
And cannot wait to share poctures!!
Hi Jasmine I initially wanted a girl but have a very sweet, loyal and loving boy, as have many others on here, so I'm sure you won't be disappointed! x
Excellent news - boys are great !

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Lisa - mum of 3 boys, Dexter Cockapoo & 4 hens !
Hi Jasmine, we were in a similar position last year. We had found a litter with 3 girls and 3 boys and had set our hearts on an apricot girl. We were the first to contact the breeder and reserved the only apricot girl. We arranged to go and visit her 2 weeks later as that was when the breeder was available. We were going to name her Rosie. The day before we were due to see her the breeder got in touch and told us that their daughter had become attached to the pup we had reserved and there were now only boys left, 1 apricot and 2 black and white. We were really disappointed but after some thinking we decided we'd still go up to see the boys and ended up with our little Oscar. After having a girl dog before I find he is much more affectionate and we wouldn't change him for the world. Hopefully it will work out the same for you! Plus you don't have to worry about a girl dog getting into any trouble when in season!
It is a tricky one .. and totally up to you, you will make the right choice :)

I think go with your heart .. and the cockapoo you really want .... if you want an apricot girl then wait for one :) I am sure your puppy will come soon enough ..

I always wanted a chocolate cockapoo .. and have only just got her .. and she was well worth the wait :)
Hi Jasmine
Congratulations of choosing a puppy from Sylml. My Millie came from the same breeder, she is such a lovely character, not too lively which suit me, but knows how to play hard when out and about.

Me too! I collect my little boy one week today from Sylvia. 7 sleeps to go...it's really dragging now but I have a house to pack, a relocation flight back to the Uk on Monday, up to Derbyshire to house hunt then back down to collect him! So I don't think anything will drag after tonight!

It's an exciting time for you! Congratulations!

Sam x
Oh wow...
You have a full on week it will fly by!
I sadly have all the way to the beginning of august.
What are you getting??

Have you thought about puppy training how will you be doing it?

Jasmine x
Hi Jasmine,

Welcome to the forum :welcome:.

My name is Turi and I have a six month old female Cockapoo from English working lines called Saffi. I initially wanted a boy but when there weren’t enough boys in the litter to go round I ended up getting Saffi – I don’t think it makes that much difference to be honest. I’d visit and choose the one you bond with best! I can’t wait to see pictures!

Re training I would sign up to a puppy class in your local area.

We’re based in London too! There are often walks organised via this forum in the home counties… you should come along to one!
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