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new pups and garden

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Just thought i'd post this just incase any of you new mums like me were abit unsure about letting your unvaccinated pup play in your garden.

My vet told me yesterday yes its fine and also any disease's from rabbits could not cross over into dogs.

I was also unsure about Buddy meeting my neighbours dogs and she also said so long as the neighbours dog has his vaccinations upto date he can come over into my garden to meet Buddy.
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Thanks Donna, we've been keeping the neighbours' dogs and Izzy apart - maybe we'll invite them in for a puppy playdate :D
we took Echo and Delta at 8 weeks old to the training class im part off as all dogs there had their vacc. Echo even came on some walks albeit carried but still out and about around other dogs.

i ave photos of Echo playing with a bigger dog on the floor at just 8-9weeks or so old so its fine to mix wit other dogs as long as they have had their vacc
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Thanks Kendal, that's very reassuring :) I'm taking Izzy out for a "walk" in her baby carrier - have just been running off some energy in the garden (hers, not mine0 :D
I agree thanks Kendal ,Ive just been mowing the lawn must say Buddy was abit shocked at first but those liver treats are working wonders and he was quite happy to run around while i finished,he's fast a sleep now bless.
Love to see photos of Izzy in her carrier, get those babies out there meeting people, listening to traffic the more unusual the better, bikes, pushchairs, playgrounds.... all new experiences what fun x........ wish I was close enough to come to play in someones garden :D
Bit too wriggly in the carrier! I'll persevere, or I may commandeer one of the kids school bags like Cider had and try that, may be a bit more secure :)
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