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Hi we are considering getting a Cockapoo and wondered if anybody had any comments on our situation.....

I have my own business as a freelance florist along with my business partner who is allergic to dogs - we thought if we were to get a dog a cockapoo would be a good choice - is that correct?

Also, we have two cats which are both very relaxed and gentle so I am a little nervous about introducing a puppy into the mix but would hope that eventually they can live side by side.

I have been looking into Cockapoos for a little while now and do know somebody who has recently bought a puppy. The puppy is a real handful and has been difficult to train - am I right in thinking that if the spaniel is a working spaniel they can be more of a live wire than a domestic spaniel?

Really want to make sure that we've thought everything through carefully before we take on a puppy......we live in Kent but happy to travel far to make sure if we decide to go ahead that we've chosen one from a reputable breeder - again any advice on this would be gratefully received.

Many thanks
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