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Hi, I'm new to this site.
We have a 17 week CP who we've had for 5 weeks. He's a delight and most things seem to be going ok. I'm not saying it's easy though! But we are really enjoying him.
I'm not sure where to ask questions so I'm popping it here!
We are doing short walks (as the reading suggests). But he's full of energy and seems like he could easily go on for more than than the suggested 15 minutes or so each time. I don't want to damage his ligaments etc as he's growing though.
What do people think?

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Lead walking is the thing you need to be wary of limiting and best to be working on walking nicely on those walks, you can also let him have some time running free, some time out and about watching the world go by and lots of brain work at home.

You will never physically wear out a lively pup and attempting to will just build an athlete who needs more and more exercise. Think in terms of mentally wearing him out too.
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