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Hi everyone - I am new to the site and puppy ownership. My cockapoo, Bella, is 5 months old. I absolutely adore her.


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Oh What a cute face! Welcome to the site
Hello and welcome :welcome:..she's lovely
Adorable - another Treacle & Hattie - she is so cute!
Thank you!

Hi Nadhak - yes! She's a chocolate phantom. I see you have one/two too!
I love her colouring - have never met one that colour - and she is gorgeous.
WE have a cocker spaniel on our street with those colours.
What gorgeous colour - what is it?? Chocolate phantom ... I have never hear of this colouring but I really like it xxxx
Welcome. Bella suits her name, beautiful!
Hi & welcome :)
She's beautiful! & also love her colouring :)
She's stunning. Love the little pose she's doing for the camera. (butter wouldn't melt😄)

Jeanie x
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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