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New to the forum

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Hi, New here, never posted on a forum before. Have 2 cockapoos. Abby age 6 and Bella age 2. Anyone have a problem with excessive licking and biting of the paws?
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Hey Debbie! Welcome to the site. :) I've never had any problems with Benny like that. I'm sure someone here will be able to advise you though. :)
hey welcome, would love to see photos of your girls.

my brothers girlfriends dog(xbreed) is obsisive of liking one of her paws we havent found the cause yet.

their was a puppy on hear having problems like this iv still not herd if the treatment for mange has worked as she said it had worked for another pup from the same litter.
welcome! We haven't had any problems like that with Murphy.
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