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Hi everyone,

I recently signed up to the site, however I do already have a cockapoo (Izzie) who i adore :)
My family are now deciding to add a second cockapoo to the family so I am very excited, hopefully a red one :D

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Erm i'm not too far from Leeds, about 20 minutes, it's more pontefract but you probably haven't heard of it, sounds good :) are there lots of meetings with people on here?

Hi JoJo :) thank you, i will definitely put pictures on the new puppy on when we bring her home :) it'll be about 6 weeks though yet I think :( but i'm very excited :) I love dogs so i'm sure having a second will be great :D

There is a cockapoo meet section, people are meeting up in Nottingham on the 18th.. its about 1hr 20 for me I think, there are over 20 dogs meeting up should be fun and Leeds was great.... I know where Ponti is lol x
Oh right so where abouts are you from then pretty close?
Sounds good i take it that it's always weekends? How long do the meetings last?
I'm probably a lot younger than the adults that go but my mum may like me to bring her some time if i've talked to anyone going because she stays at home with Izzie all day so might be nice for her :) x
Gosh.... your mum has probably taught you quite rightly not to meet strangers off the internet.... oop s :D
Haha well yeah of course, but I am a young adult now, just not as old as most people on the site who have their own houses and are married etc lol, but i'm sure a cockapoo loving meeting isn't harmful, but my mum may enjoy a meet if there's one close enough by anytime soon as she loves talking about Iz :D
Yep I am old but still good fun ... just don't tell my kids that :) ....oh and a little cockapoo crazy too :)
If you're old JoJo, what does that make me? :D
Hi Laura, welcome to the forum, my Izzy is similar colouring to yours :)
Gorgeous Ali :) and just as cockapoo crazy as me :) :)
Well, today I have been called Gorgeous and Cute! :ilmc:friends :D
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Haha i'm sure none of you are old anyway :) yeah they do look similar colours, even with the darker golden ears :D & thank you, where are you from?
:welcome: Laura to the forum. Izzy looks gorgeous. :)
Haha i'm sure none of you are old anyway :) yeah they do look similar colours, even with the darker golden ears :D & thank you, where are you from?
We're in Dunbar :)

Oh - do you mean where is Izzy from? She's a Jukee Doodles pup :D
oh cool, you travelled quite a way to get her then :) how old is she?
16 weeks today :)
- Nacho also 16 weeks on Sunday! May babies!

Welcome Laura! I'm not married with kids yet (i want some though but Nacho is enough for now) but unfortunately live so far away from you all down South in Cornwall that a meet up there would b a little bit mad.
Hi Laura, Izzy is a cutie pie.

Julia x
Thank you :)
Yes Cornwall is rather a long way away, a lot of people o this site seem to live around London though from what i've seen, so I wouldn' be able to meet up dow here, i'm more northern :)
Aww they're still both babies then :D Nacho is gorgeous as well! My Izzie is a year old on the 29th september :)
Hi Laura
Izzy is lovely. A good selection of photos for us to coo over. Looking foward to seeing your new puppy. Do let us know what you choose so we can get excited waiting with you.

The Cockapoo meets are nothing formal. We just gather together at a pre arrange park and put faces to names and puppies. The dogs have a ball all playing together. Its great comparing the different colours, size, coat etc of the cockapoo :D
Thanks :) one of our future puppies is now born, either black with white bibs or golden with white bits on their faces, we will be getting a picture update before too long so that we can decide which colour we'd like.
I'm sure it's great seeing loads of cockapoos in one place :) i've only seen a couple of people walking theirs on the beach but Izzie loves playing with other dogs :D
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Aw so exciting finding out what your new puppy is going to be like :D

I'm up north too - Manchester so if anyone wants a meet once Vincent is old enough I'd love it!

I think everyone is the same age on the internet :p I'm not married and don't own my own house either! :p
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