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Hello everyone. We are the proud parent of our 8 month old white cockapoo Blanche Deveraux! We got her when she 5 months old and she has been a great addition to the family. She gets along great with our 5 year old lab mix Fitch they are great friends. We joined the site to see if we could find an answer to a new problem that has arose. Blanche was doing a great job of potty training and rarely going inside. Up until yesterday and today. She was trAined to scratch the door when she needed to pee, and she has stopped doing that suddenly and has peed in the house 4 times in the last 2 days and pooped on the window sill that she loves to lay on! It has recently been hot in NJ and got up near 90 today, she has been panting alot. We were trying to find answers and wondered if we should take her to the vet? Any feedback would be great!
Mike and Bridget

We will put a picture up when I'm not on my IPad! Won't allow me to upload.
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Ooooooo unless she is going more frequently than normal than I dont think I'd be in any rush to go to the vets just yet. Is she weeing by the door that she would normally scratch? I think I'd be inclined initially to go back to however you trained her in the first place, just go back a step and reward agian. The weather could be a cause... going out there really is too much of a chore and too darn warm.... the weather here today looks decidedly autumnal, if not wintery. Good luck x
It sounds like a bit of a relapse. Don't worry just go back to basics, take her outside regularly, lots of praise when she goes in the right place etc. Maybe she is drinking more in the heat?

As Karen says if she is going more or you notice any other changes go to the vet otherwise I would say it is a training thing. Daisy often relapsed until she was about 9 months old and we also got her at 5 months. Let us know how you get on and maybe you could post a photo of the lovely Blanche? :)
I LOVE THE NAME!!! are you getting the rest of the golden girls??? lol so cute!
Lady was the same as Daisy...it took till about 9 months to really crack the toileting issues indoors....we use a poochie bell, and it works great. she definitely lets us know when she has got to go now.
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You guys are so nice! Thanks for all the responses. She did it again today! Left her alone for only 5 hours and she weed just once. She also pooed on our chair which she has never done since we have had her. Were not in a rush to take her to the vet, but these are new issues that just popped up in the last few days. Before that she hadn't pooed in the house in at least 2 weeks. We are going to start the training over again tonight, and keep her in the crate while were gone. Hopefully she gets back to where she was just last week.
@lady amanda. I wish we could get the rest of the girls, but Blanche is already a handful. Pictures coming tonight. Thanks again for the responses.
Fabulous name! Looking forward to seeing some pictures xx
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