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Hi everyone

We are at the beginning stages of trying to find a breeder and we're possibly doing this at the worst time with high prices and unscrupulous breeders around, I'm finding it all a bit of a minefield! We were on the waiting list for a puppy from a litter born late last month but the breeder put the price up by £500 from our initial conversation and we just couldn't justify it. I'm now in contact with another breeder but she doesn't health test the mums as she uses a fully tested poodle dad and I'm wondering if that's too big a risk? We're not planning to breed from a puppy, we'd just love to have our own pup to love and look after.
If you know of some great breeders in Berkshire and the south east I'd be grateful for some recommendations as I seem to be in information overload at the moment.

Thank you!
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