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Newbie from Scotland

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HI All,

Found this great site last night and have spent a few happy hours looking at all the lovely piccies of your adorable dogs and doing some research.

We are currently owned by a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer girl and used to have a Bearded Collie. Our GSP is now 7 and we have recently started thinking of a getting a puppy and have admired Cockapoo's and Labradoodles for some time now.

So I am currently trying to do as much research as possible to enable us to make the right decision, leaning towards a Cockapoo at the moment as Im not as keen on having 2 large dogs ( although we live in the country and have the space )

Im also leaning towards a boy and may train him as a gundog. So does anyone have a Cockapoo from Scotland that they use as a gundog ? Long call I know ! but would be interested if there are any out there ? or even just a good breeder in Scotland.:)

Also are there any sites where you can compare Cockapoos and Labradoodles, and pictures of dogs with American Cockers as mum as compared to working cockers as mum etc etc ?

Thanks for any help
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Thanks for the info on different sizes. I think I will stick with the Cockapoo so just need to decide on wether I fancy English or American Cocker mix and the colour ! They are all so pretty and such variety of colour.
Going by the photos I cant see a great difference in the English or American. How do the colours generally go ie. are they born dark and get lighter coloured coats or not ?

Does anyone know of any breeders in Scotland or the North of England ? I live about 30 miles from Aberdeen ( middle of nowhere ! )
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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