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Hi there .. welcome to the forum .. you will get lots of great info and advice here ...

Finding a breeder is a very personal experience... and there is so much to be considered. on My Dogs Life there is a puppy buying guide which may help you when choosing a breeder :) ...


I wish you luck in your search and most of all enjoy the excitement of being a soon to be cockapoo owner.. they are the best xxx

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Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum!

I’ve just written a very similar post for someone looking for a puppy in the Bristol area – everyone’s going to think I’m such a know-it-all to post here too but I hear your pain on the puppy search so here goes:

A good puppy search resource is Breeders Online. Because I didn’t find it very user-friendly I copied all my findings onto a spread sheet. In the Yorkshire area the following breeders were listed:

Alison Brady – Near Doncaster – 01405 818 017. Randomly I met one of Alison’s puppies in Putney, South West London – very cute!

Emma – Bradford – 07775 926 984

Shaun Clapham – Yorkshire – 01274 401 794

Jon Nixon – Harrogate – 07581 559 963 – breeds F2s (a Cockapoo to a Cockapoo rather than a first cross of a Cocker Spaniel to a Poodle)

Helen Longworth – Bradford – 01274 566 000 – breeds F2s

Foxisle Gundogs (E Cumberland) – Epworth – 07940 742 163. Large breeder with a lot of breeds

Mrs K Tallett – Yorkshire – no phone number so you’d have to contact through Breeders Online. She isn’t having pups until June 2012.

Tracy Rogers – Rotherham – 07833 770322 – breeds English show-type.

I didn’t contact each of these directly as Yorkshire was too far a drive for us but someone on here might have experience. As I said in my other post (beginning to sound like a parrot now!) I’d prioritise health-testing and a good breeder over distance from home. The main questions you’ll want to ask are ‘is your stud/sire PRA-clear?’, ‘can I meet the parents (and check their temperaments) before committing?’, ‘how much do your puppies cost and what does this include (i.e. health check, worming, insurance etc), ‘are your puppies well socialised?’ and so on.

Also, there are different types of Cockapoos depending on both the type of Poodle used (either Miniature of Toy) and the type of Cocker Spaniel (American, English show-type, English working-type). A good explanation of the differences is available on Jukee Doodles’ website but they’re mainly the look, the size and the exercise requirements.

I hope you find a puppy – I’ve been on the hunt for over six months! So impatient now!

Turi x

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Yup. Make sure you are getting a healthy, wrll-behaved, well-socialized puppy not bred on a puppy farm! If you have to join a waiting list (hopefully wont be the case), you can. My puppy is from Lancashire and I live in Scotland! No distance too far..

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Hi & welcome! :)

I live in Yorkshire as well, where abouts in Yorkshire are you from?
We travelled to Liverpool for our two girls :) A place called Anzil cockapoos, it took us about an hour and a half each way. But if you find a breeder you like then I certainly wouldn't rule them out purely on distance as your dog will be with you for a long long time!

What cocker x poodle cross are you looking for? Male/female & colour?

Good luck!
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