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hello, whilst i have been a dog owner of a few beautiful boys who where GSD i have also been owned by a Mini schnauzer, i do not have any pets at this time but im knowledgable and cant wait to hear all about the breed of Cockerpoos i am so smitten......and believe it or not so is my macho hubby, he thinks they are so so cute but would provide just what hes looking for in having a dog, the fact that they are able to go walking with him, he misses his long walks in all weathers across the moors. ( Mad)!!
Anyway Hello to you all!! looking forward to chatting and reading all the posts.

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Welcome! My husband wasn't a dog lover before we got Alfie, but boy has that changed! He turns to mush everytime he comes home from work and is greeted by a big sloppy wet kiss! They are such lovable dogs and such good fun! If you do get one you wont be disappointed!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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