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Night time grumblings!

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Hi Everyone,

I wonder if anyone can help with something we have been experiencing over the last few days.

Our pup Tilly (1 year old tomorrow!!!) has out of nowhere started to not settle at night and we want to nip it in the bud before a habit develops. I will give you some background...

We have never had any major separation anxiety with Tilly. She slept in our room the first two nights then in her crate in the kitchen from then on. She used to cry when we left the room when she was tiny but we used to go in when she was quiet and this soon stopped. She would actually happily play with toys when we left her alone for a while. We also work all day (with a big visit from one of us around lunchtime) and she has never had a problem whatsoever. To summarise she is generally a confident if very excited little dog. She knows lots of commands and is often praised by friends for her obedience for a dog her age.

We plan to move her over to a normal bed for her birthday and just use the crate intermittently (to prevent her disliking it) so we have been leaving her crate door open overnight and have had no problems. However on Tuesday it was blowing a gale and there were all kinds of crazy noises in our garden. This set Tilly off a bit and she started barking and grumbling.
Tilly has only recently discovered the joys of barking but this can be controlled swiftly with a firm ‘enough!’ This wasn’t working on Tuesday. I went downstairs (during a gap in her barking) and let her out so she could see that there was nothing bad and could do a wee etc. When I was there she was totally fine. I went back up and it started again, I repeated my ‘enough’, which again didn’t work. She was getting more wound up so I again waited for a gap in the barking and whining then went downstairs and shut her in her crate to settle. By the time I got upstairs she had started again so it became apparent that, although the wind started her off, she really just wanted us downstairs. We opted to ignore after this and after 5-10 minutes she stopped and went to sleep.

The following day we apologised to the neighbours who kindly said we can feel free to ignore or whatever we need to do as they love Tilly as well!

Wednesday was fine all day and evening and we were confident it was just a blip due to the weather. We decided to just do everything as normal. This was fine until we went to bed and it started again, barking grumbling and whining but no wind had set her off. Very Frustrating. We used ‘enough’ and ignored her and she soon stopped the barking. We could however hear her pacing about and messing with the bin etc. We waited for silence then popped her in her crate. After another grumble she settled.

Yesterday I upped the exercise and went for a really good run and game of fetch in the park. I don’t know about Tilly but I was exhausted! Again we had no problems until bed time. There was no barking, just whining and grumbling. We waited for quiet then went and closed the kitchen door (in case this would make her think we couldn’t hear her and make her stop. Plus the door is shut when were out during the day) instead she started flinging herself against the door and scratching at it while grumbling. We waited for quiet and popped her in her crate.

It is probably worth noting that we were off work a lot over August on holiday, therefore she saw a lot more of us. We stayed in a cottage for a week and she slept in her crate in the next room. We also stayed in a caravan for a long weekend and she slept in our room with us as the walls were thin and noises were setting her off a bit. Again though we waited until she was quiet then took brought her through. I assumed this would be ok as it is out of her usual routine and not at home? Also this was at the recent bank holiday and she had been fine at our house since then? Its literally just been the last couple of nights.

It seems clear that she is doing this for attention as there are no longer noises outside. Also we are certain that she isn’t poorly or anything as she is absolutely her normal self all of the rest of the time. Also she hasn’t really displayed any separation anxiety when left on her own when were around during the day? There’s no evidence she’s getting stressed when were out either as she hopped out of her crate wagging her tail and stretching when I opened our front door on lunch today? It’s just when we go to bed at night.

I think it’s a combination of her getting used to spending a lot of time with us recently, getting spooked on Wednesday, getting attention for this (us telling her off and putting her in her crate) and maybe adolescence?

We plan on going back to putting her in her crate on a night again for a while so that we can just ignore any noise without worrying about her damaging anything including herself. We hope that in doing this she will get used to being on her own at night again pretty quickly and learn that any noise doesn’t bring us down. I’m hoping this will crack it quickly as the correct foundation is there?

If anyone has any insight, feedback on what we plan to do or any advice at all it would be readily accepted from us and a surely very tired Tilly!

Apologies again for the massive post, it turned into a stream of consciousness! Please bear with me if I don’t always answer very quickly. It’s very sporadic when I can get online I’m afraid!

Thanks for taking the time to read. I have attached a pic of the cheeky little monkey!



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Hi There! and Happy Birthday to Tilly....my Lady has her birthday on Sunday, I would chalk it all up to the change with the crate, I would just go back to crating her all toghether for a while and maybe try the full change when you are off for a week and don;t mind being woken in the middle of the night, if all else is fine with her I am sure it all has to do with the change of crate situation.
Take care, and Wish Tilly a Happy Birthday!
Im no expert and can only say what I would try and to be honest i would say the same as Amanda and would be inclned to go back a step and re-use your crate. If she feels safe and secure in there then maybe the noises wont unsettle her as much as they did. Hopefully she'll soon remember that everythings ok . Good luck x
:iagree: good luck, and happy birthday Tilly :)
Hi there, thanks for reading the longest post ever! Thats great about Lady! What a coincidence! Birthday wishes from Tilly! You may well be right about the crate. Its just that she has been fine with the crate door open for a while before and even since our holiday, however the fact she settles when shut in there is interesting.
Perhaps we just need to remind her that shes perfectly safe in the kitchen but from the safety of her crate. One step forward and two back eh! :)
Pauly...you just used Eh, like a proper Canadian!!! where are you from???

And yes very cool about their birthdays....I guess with all training it is a little one step two step kind of thing.
Perhaps Paul is your side of the pond ;) or a Yorkshireman x
do they say Eh in Yorkshire??
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Ehs and ees and loads of dropping h's... eee bah gum x
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Thanks for the replies. I think we should definitely pop her back in the crate and perhaps just leave the door open the odd nights for now. The wind probably set her off initially so we'll rebuild her confidence and maybe pre-empt it next time the weather is bad. Just dont want to shelter her from new noises and things too much but i guess she is still a pup.

And Amanda my 'eh' was actually an English, Yorkshire one! :)
OOOO Karen you called it!

Yeah she is still a pup, and a cute one at that!
OOOO Karen you called it!

Yeah she is still a pup, and a cute one at that!
Yeay....Sorry to hyjack your thread Paul... any where near me ???
Haha. Good guess! Were in South Yorkshire actually. Sunny Sheffield to be precise!
Not been too bad today... hope Tilly settles and has a lovely birthday tomorrow x x
Yes its calmed down a lot since Tuesday fortunately. Fingers crossed a couple of nights in her crate will see her right. That and a fun packed day tomorrow!
Hi Paul
I read it :D Gold star for me! No it was good to read and get a thorough understanding.

Now, like Karen I'm no way an expert, but I can offer you my thoughts.

I think Tilly probably enjoyed having you close at night, when you were on holiday and she had a disturbed night because of the wind etc. Others on here too had disturbed dogs that night too.

You could try leaving Tilly with one of your used shirts/T-shirt/fleece etc, so that she feels close to you.

I tried this on holiday the other week. Millie sleeps outside our bedroom door and is fine. But one night we had guests staying and she decided to start barking :( Now these guests were already a bit raised eyebrows about her sleeping upstairs and I didn't want to give them anything extra to comment on. So I quickly put my t-shirt on her bed. It worked a treat :D She was silent immediately. Phew :cool:
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bless her the wind can be scary! :behindsofa: im not much help cuz we have wispa in her own bed in the corner of our bedroom! :D hope she settles soon for you. xx
The t-shirt idea sounds like a good one! I'll pop something in tonight and see how we go. I'm hoping that a Tshirt, a few treats or her kong with a little peanut butter in should help her settle with the door closed. It really is unusual so were hoping she starts enjoying bed time again soon!
Its great to be able to get peoples opinions on this kind of thing. It can be hard to keep things in perspective when you arent getting enough sleep!
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Good luck Paul .. it looks like Amanda & Karen have given you some reassuring help and good advice... along with a good giggle too ... Happy Birthday Tilly

Karen & Amanda you still make me laugh just as much as you did when I first joined the forum ... :) :) keep it up gals, Eh! Ee's. xxx
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Yes definitely. I'll make sure I let you know how Tilly gets on. We can forgive her for not sleeping tonight tho if shes caught a glimpse of all these birthday presents we've bought! haha :D
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