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Noise that sounds like a cough

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I noticed yesterday evening that my pup Lola (10 weeks) made a coughing sound just at bedtime. Then she did it again when she was at the loo during the night. I thought that maybe something had irritated her. I am worried now as she has just done it again a few times while she is sleeping on me.

Can I continue to monitor this until Monday when I will take her to vet or do I need to do something now? We have had her since Wednesday. She is lively and eating/drinking well. Had her second vaccine yesterday at the vets and all went well with her health check. I'm wondering could it be a side effect from the vaccine. Also she was due her worming tab yesterday but vet advised leaving it until Monday to let her get over vaccination.

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Thank You

Thanks very much for responding. She hasn't done it again since. I will definitely contact the vet tomorrow if it happens tonight. She is a happy chappy. Plenty of playing eating pooing.
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