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Not Eating :(

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Hi Everyone

I am struggling to get Rudi to eat - she is on Barking Heads and doesnt eat much at all - she usually grazes which i have tried to avoid by giving her strict meal times but she just looks at it and walks away- I have added Probiotic yoghurt and also sometimes some water to soften incase she is struggling with her teeth (gaps in gums say teething) but nothing is working. She is still active and drinking plenty of water - she is enjoying her treats i give her (such as a frozen chicken wing and dental sticks)
What should i do?? do I need to change food or add something else??
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Vincent is the same, although we were at a BBQ on Sunday where he did eat a lot of burgers!! Yesterday my boyfriend said he didn't even touch his food. But at training he was happy to do anything for a treat!!
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