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Obi's "It wasn't me!" face

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No .. it wasn't Obi ... I will take the blame for that cute face :)
I love this photos - Madeleine loves it when you can see the white of Beau's eyes but they don't show up as much as Obi's against his beautiful dark coat :) x
After meeting Obi and Betty today, I have decided that our next 'poo will definitely be a small one ... both adorable, sweet natured bundles of lovely fluff :)
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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
I wonder what it was he didn't do?!
Oh bless! What a cute expression he has there!
Oakley's perfected that look too, but Obi does it sooooooo much better :D
cute boy!! You must have just told him..............next its new carpets!!!:)
Oh he is so gorgeous. I think he is copying one of Victoria Beckham's expressions that's all.

Andrea x
Bless him, too cute whatever he's not done!! Arthur hasn't perfected that face at all yet he basically doesn't deny anything!!
I love that look! Biscuit did it for the first time yesterday when I told him off for nipping my youngest! It's too cute!
I love it! What a great shot! Anyone with a cockapoo knows this face well!
hahahahha oh obi!! you are just so cute!
I had just told him off for chewing yet another of my dd's toys. He's going through a rebellious stage at the moment and trying to nick everything. I always know he's up to no good when he disappears under the dining room table. He goes there because I have to move all 6 chairs to get to him with said stolen object! :mad: :eek::D He is nearly one so I think this is adolescence. :rolleyes:
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CUTE!!!!! I have always had a huge soft spot for gorgeous obi xxx
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