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Hello All,

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and any help will be really appreciated!

We have a nearly 3 year old Cockapoo. We got her during Lockdown in May 2020. As we were off work, we never left her and as a result haven’t left her on her own since. She will either go to work with my partner or at my partners parents during the day. We have attempted to leave her a few times but the howling and crying noises are incredibly loud and we’ve not wanted to cause issues for neighbours, though the problem now is that we can’t go anywhere without her. We would love to be able to leave her for 2/3 hours but not sure where to begin?

When she is in the car, whenever we pull up somewhere she immediately begins to bark and cry, even though 9/10 times she knows where she is. We have tried various herbal remedies and vet prescribed calming tablets but they’ve have no effect. We have also tried a high-pitched device, initially this worked but soon as she was used to it, now ignores it.

She is extremely obsessed with my partner, always goes to him for cuddles and protection. If he is with her and another dog was to come over, she would bark and growl and has lunged for a few before, though never thankfully gone further. However, today, she went to bite a person who visited my partners work. She is usually very happy and excited to see people but this has now caused concern for us.

Has anyone got any tips on how to deal with her anxiety, obsession or advice on how to start leaving her at home?

Thank you again, sorry it’s a little jumbled!

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Ok - taking it in sections, the leaving she needs absolute baby steps so practicing multiple times a day opening door, stepping through and immediately coming back, you need to work a5 pace she is happy with so if you don’t even shut the door to start that is your start point. You only move on by tiny amounts when she is happy with that.

The noise in the car sounds like it could be excitement- what train8n* have you done with her and what sort of routine does she have in terms of exercise and mental enrichment? They are super smart dogs who need their brains occupying.

The final part sounds like resource guarding and she is afraid of losing him as her resource so other dogs and people are a threat to her. It might well be worth getting a decent reward based trainer onboard to help as she has almost bitten. I would suggest looking on APDT for a local trainer to help
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